Get started on your way to lifelong nutritious eating!

WHITTY NUTRITION believes that in order to succeed in improving your eating habits, it is important to implement healthy, sustainable, and realistic strategies.

3 Sessions to Success is a comprehensive program that includes:

1) 3 scheduled meetings with a registered dietitian covering a variety of topics including: "Macronutrients," "Making the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice," "Mindful Eating," and "Label Reading 101." (usually scheduled 2 - 3 weeks apart)

2) Unlimited access via email, phone, or text to get all of your questions answered in-between sessions.

3) Multiple resources to help you shop, cook, and expand your nutrition knowledge for long-term success

4) Weekly challenges emailed to you to help you stay on track and increase nutrition awareness

5) A customized program tailored to address your specific needs and/or medical conditions

3 Sessions to Success Program = $375


**All pricing is base pricing. Special pricing may apply. WHITTY NUTRITION reserves the right to change pricing details without notice.