Your ultimate guide to meal prepping and nutritious eating!

WHITTY NUTRITION'S Mealtime Management package is great for beginners looking to follow a step-by-step 4 week program or the busy individual looking for a structured plan without the guesswork. The 4 week menu guide included in this package includes the following:

1)  An initial consultation with a registered dietitian to discuss your nutrition concerns and goals, learn about smart shopping, label reading, and planning meals for the whole family

2) 4 weeks of meals and snacks planned out by a registered dietitian with your personal preferences in mind. Plan includes tons of variety and can be used over and over again!

3)  Simple alternative meals to keep you on track during busy times

4) Detailed weekly grocery lists make it easy to know which foods and how much to buy

5) Tons of quick tips including a portion size guide and how to stock a basic pantry (with itemized list)  

6) Meal prep guide sheets to get you set up for success each week. Takes the guesswork out of meal planning!

7) Weekly challenges to keep you going strong throughout the menu guide. Challenges compliment the resources and education received during your initial session.

8) Tons of delicious, nutritious, and easy to follow recipes 

BONUS! A basic long-term menu guide that can be used as a transition tool to stress-free eating for life!

Both menu guides will be emailed to client approximately ~1 week after the initial consultation.

WHITTY NUTRITION strongly recommends that clients seeking long-term weight management strategies, chronic disease prevention, or tools on managing GI issues or allergies book additional education sessions to ensure all of your nutrition concerns can be adequately addressed. 

Mealtime Management Package = $300

**All pricing is base pricing. Special pricing may apply. WHITTY NUTRITION reserves the right to change pricing details without notice.