Get started on your way to lifelong nutritious eating!

WHITTY NUTRITION uses a non-diet, individualized approach for all nutrition coaching sessions. WHITTY NUTRITION believes that given the right tools, anyone can achieve meaningful change and be successful in reaching their nutrition goals. WHITTY NUTRITION requests that all new clients fill-out a confidential survey prior to their first meeting in order to ensure you get the most out of your session. Nutrition coaching can be focused on any topic you choose, but some common reasons people seek out private practice dietitians include:
    - learning healthy weight management strategies
    - managing chronic conditions such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease
    - understanding nutrition truths and myths
    - answering common nutrition questions or learning label reading
    - learning ways to feed and care for the nutrition needs of your family (ex. allergies)

 1 hr SESSION                                                           $125

WHITTY NUTRITION strongly recommends that clients schedule a minimum of 2 sessions in order to ensure success in reaching their nutrition goals. A variety of packages are also available to suit your needs. Check them out HERE.

**All pricing is base pricing. Special pricing may apply. WHITTY NUTRITION reserves the right to change pricing details without notice.