Group Education Sessions are great for students, your community or church group, or even as a way to promote health in the workplace. Sessions include a presentation, hands-on activity (where applicable), and resources to take home for each participant. A variety of sessions are available including:

- Nutrition Basics

- Diabetes Prevention / Management

- Stress Free Shopping and Label Reading

- Dietary Fats and Your Cholesterol

- High Blood Pressure Management 

Additional sessions can be developed based on your needs. A minimum of 2 weeks notice is required for the development of a tailored presentation. 

Example: "Fullness is Your Friend" is one of our most popular presentations for workplace wellness programs and can be tailored for a variety of populations. 


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For individuals on the road to a happy, healthy life there is no better learning laboratory than your very own grocery store!

Grocery store tours are fun, interactive, and a great way to learn smart shopping skills that take the stress out of getting food from the store onto your table! 

​1.5 Hr Tour = $150

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Consulting services are available for businesses looking to improve the health of their workplace. WHITTY NUTRITION ​is available on a contractual basis to provide workplace wellness seminars, assist in menu development (ex. cafeteria menus), and to provide tips for improving the food environment (ex. healthy choices at nearby restaurants commonly visited by employees, vending machine products, etc). Investing in your employee's health/nutrition is a great way to reduce sick time and increase productivity! 

*Prices vary depending on the services required and the length of the contract. Please contact WHITTY NUTRITION to discuss details. ​

Individualized appointments with you and your dietitian designed to help empower and educate you to reach your goals! 

Includes a review of your initial client survey, discussions of your major nutrition concerns, resources for you to take home, and a realistic action plan to set you up for success!

Nutrition Assessment (1 hr) = $125

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WHITTY NUTRITION believes that in order to succeed in reaching your nutritional goals, whether it be weight loss, learning how to best feed your family, or just improving your own eating habits, it is important to implement healthy, sustainable, and realistic strategies.

Package includes 3 x 1hr sessions with a dietitian and continued support via email, phone, or text message in-between sessions to answer questions and help keep you on track!

3 Sessions to Success (3 x 1 hr sessions) = $375

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WHITTY NUTRITION along with A LITTLE NUTRIITON have developed a variety of weight coaching programs designed to help you achieve your weight and wellness goals.

All of our programs come with meal plans, access to valuable online courses, resources developed by our team of dietitians, 30 days of email tips and nutrition advice, as well as access to your dietitian for support and accountability between sessions!

​Basic Package = $375 

​Premium Package = $750

​Gold Package = $1075

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Initial consultation focusing on smart shopping, label reading, and packing healthy meals for the whole family PLUS a 4 week detailed meal plan, including recipes based on your likes/dislikes,meal prep guides, weekly grocery lists and challenges plus much more! All this followed by a simple long-term menu guide emailed directly to you to ensure success!

Mealtime Management = $300

NOTE: Only initial session ($125) can be direct billed to insurance  


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​Payment for all services is accepted via CREDIT CARD*, CASH, or PERSONAL CHEQUE. 

**All pricing is base pricing. Special pricing may apply. WHITTY NUTRITION reserves the right to change pricing details without notice.