Nikkiis a recent graduate from the University of Manitoba’s department of Human Nutritional Sciences where she graduated with a B.Sc. and distinction. She has also just begun her M.Sc. in Human Nutritional Sciences. In conjunction with her Masters, which focuses on community nutrition, she is also undertaking a specialization in aging in partnership with the University of Manitoba’s Centre on Aging. Her research and thesis topic is on baby boomer women’s body perception and food choices. Nikki will begin her dietetic internship in the fall of 2016 and looks forward to working in the area of community nutrition and one day completing her Ph.D. Outside of school, Nikki is a competitive curler, enjoys cooking, playing with her black lab Alice and cross-country/downhill skiing in the winter months. 

Chantel is entering her third year of Human Nutritional Sciences at the University of Manitoba with the hope of becoming a registered dietitian. Growing up in Northwestern Ontario, Chantel was always interested in learning about nutrition and was always considered the "healthy one" of the family. Her passion for nutrition lead her to seek a career in this field. Chantel hopes to inspire others to lead healthy lifestyles in order to function optimally and prevent disease. T

Anna is in her final year of study at the University of Manitoba and is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Human Nutritional Sciences. Upon completion of her degree, she has hopes of becoming a Registered Dietitian as well as completing her diabetes certification. Anna grew up in the small community of Snow Lake, Manitoba, where she graduated in 2011 with honours and as the valedictorian of her class. She has previously volunteered with the Kids in the Kitchen program where she helped elementary students learn basic cooking skills. Anna is dedicated to and passionate about helping others improve their lifestyle through the use and delivery of evidence-based nutrition education.

Holly was born and grew up in Winnipeg, MB and has just completed her 3rd year of Human Nutritional Sciences at the University of Manitoba. Holly has always been interested in health, fitness, and cooking which is what motivated her to decide to study nutrition. When she graduates, Holly plans to work in community nutrition or public health. 

Madison will be entering her fourth and final year of Human Nutritional Sciences at the University of Manitoba and is very excited to be joining the Whitty Nutrition team as a volunteer! Madison is originally from Thunder Bay, Ontario but came to university in the friendly province of Manitoba to pursue her goal of becoming a registered dietitian. She has always been interested in the health care field and ultimately ended up choosing dietetics because she hopes to help educate people on the importance of nutrition and fitness to help prevent disease.​

Kaylais entering her fourth year of Human Nutritional Sciences at the University of Manitoba and is planning on starting her dietetic internship in September 2016. Growing up Kayla like to experiment with healthy recipes and educate her family on the importance of making nutritious food choices. She believes nutrition education is vital for all individuals and hopes to one day communicate this belief to a diverse population. Kayla also enjoys cooking, playing soccer, and camping in her spare time.

Chelsea has been studying nutrition at the University of Manitoba for the past 3 years and has grown up passionate about healthy eating and promoting healthy lifestyles. She grew up on a farm where she learned to grow her own vegetables and often spent time picking berries, collecting eggs and even had cows that supplied her family with their very own hamburgers for a summer BBQ! Although Cheslea’s interest in food and nutrition started on her family’s farm, it has continued to grow throughout her studies as she learned more about nutrition and how eating can help improve health and prevent disease. Chelsea likes trying new recipes and finding ways to make them more nutritious while still maintaining great flavor and often shares these creations with her family and friends. In her free time when not studying about food, making food, or thinking about food, she enjoys many outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, canoeing, fishing, and gardening. She also appreciates a good sad movie!

WHITTY NUTRITION is excited to be working with a great group of volunteers!​